Excellent Reuters article on Du v. Cisco and Doe v. Cisco

Sui-Lee Wee has written an excellent and comprehensive article, Insight: Cisco suits on China rights abuses to test legal reach, that provides substantial background and analysis of Cisco’s actions in China, and the legal issues surrounding the current litigation.  In addition to quotes from Daniel Ward (re: Du v. Cisco) and Terri Marsh (re: Doe v. Cisco), the article also quotes Du Daobin and Zhou Yuanzhi, two of the Plaintiffs in Du v. Cisco.  In the article Du states the following:

Du, 48, who was jailed for posting articles under a pseudonym on the Internet criticizing the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, said Western technology companies should not cooperate with a government that violates civil rights.

“This kind of cooperation hurts us as well as the companies’ business,” he said. “The publication of our articles are closely monitored and once they’re published, we will end up in jail.”

Du said he was interrogated by police in early August about the lawsuit, but added that the case was “not only for myself, but also for the freedom of every individual in China, to put an end forever to China’s ‘literary jail.’

As we have stated previously, there is no doubt there is more evidence out there regarding Cisco’s ongoing support of the Chinese Communist Party’s continued oppression of its citizens.  If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Ward.  Any such communications will be kept confidential.

Let Cisco Systems know that their continued and knowing support of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to violate the human rights of peaceful political dissidents like Du Daobin, Zhou Yuanzhi, and Liu Xianbin will no longer be tolerated.  Contact your elected representatives — let them know how you feel.  Finally, if you haven’t already done so, sign the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s petition– Tell Cisco: Stop helping China abuse human rights!.

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