Continued Media Attention on Du v. Cisco

Over the past week, there has been increased media attention on Du v. Cisco.

Last Monday, Daniel Ward was interviewed on Asia Pacific Forum, for a segment titled “Partners in the Police State? US Tech Giant Cisco Sued for Aiding China.”  Cindy Cohn, Legal Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation was also interviewed for that segment.

Yesterday, Daniel Ward was interviewed on the Marketplace Tech Report, for a segment titled “Suit says Cisco is helping China commit Crimes.”  John Palfrey, co-director of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and a professor at Harvard Law School, was also interviewed for that segment.

The Committee to Protect Journalists recently wrote about Du v. Cisco in a post titled “In lawsuit, Chinese writers allege Cisco aids government.”  That article observes that “The threat of legal action may encourage other businesses to examine any potential negative impact of their activities in China” and provides the following quote from EFF’s Cindy Cohn:

“It’s no longer acceptable for companies to plead ignorance about how technology they sell is used,” said Cohn of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “It’s incumbent upon experts in the field to create standards to guide companies in making ethical business practices, so that companies like Cisco can’t delude themselves or their investors about the blood-stained profits they derived from their business deals with China or other authoritarian governments.”

The growing attention given to Cisco’s actions in China should give Cisco, and other American corporations working with the Chinese Communist Party, pause and concern over their continued willingness to accept “blood-stained profits” from the Chinese Communist Party.

Let Cisco Systems know that their support of the Chinese Communist Party, and its efforts to violate the human rights of peaceful political dissidents like Du Daobin, Zhou Yuanzhi, and Liu Xianbin will no longer be tolerated by contacting your elected representatives and by signing the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s petition– Tell Cisco: Stop helping China abuse human rights!.

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