Excellent Electronic Frontier Foundation Post on Du v. Cisco

The EFF continues its active interest in Du v. Cisco.  The EFF’s recent post, “Cisco and Abuses of Human Rights in China: Part 1” provides a comprehensive background on Du v. Cisco and addresses the ethical issues corporations face when dealing with oppressive regimes.  It is an excellent read for any and all interested in these important issues.

Most important to this of us involved in Du v. Cisco was the EFF’s call for action (directed at Cisco) to preserve the safety of our clients.  In the post, the EFF writes:

“To clarify, we are asking Cisco to contact their customers and business partners in the Chinese government and tell them not to target the plaintiffs in Du v. Cisco or Doe v. Cisco. We hope Cisco will prove that they don’t condone bullying tactics used to repress free speech and that they believe these disputes should be settled under the rule of law, not the iron fist. We’d be particularly pleased if Cisco would make a public statement about their stance on the continued safety of the plaintiffs – and it would certainly go a long way to improving their public image at this time when the world is watching. But above all, we urge Cisco to use every method at their disposal to ensure that Du Daobin and all of the plaintiffs in both cases make it through the court process, and beyond, unharmed by Chinese officials.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Hopefully Cisco does as well, and will let the Chinese Communist Party know that their harassment of the Du Plaintiffs (and those in Doe v. Cisco) is neither wanted nor helpful.  Time will tell.  I am looking forward to reading “Part II” of this series.

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