Latest News on iPhone 4 Antenna Problems

Last week, Apple launched the iPhone 4 in 17 additional countries, re-igniting debate over the phone’s antenna design. As Apple continues to run into problems domestically with its antenna ‘fix’, the controversy now moves abroad. According to Ars Techinica,

Lest you thought the whole ordeal was over, however, UK-based PA Consulting Group performed its own analysis, using tests similar to those performed by Consumer Reports and others. Those tests are in line with what we have already seen: the iPhone 4 has a bigger problem with signal loss than other smartphones. PA’s wireless expert Simon Tonks concluded that “the ‘death grip’ issue is real, and is worse for the Apple iPhone 4 than for other smartphones.” He also added, “The iPhone 4’s radio performance was also found to be generally at the lower end.”

Back home, Apple appears to be distancing itself from claims made by Steve Jobs last month that other smartphones suffered antenna issues similar to those of the iPhone 4. According to Channelweb,

“Is Apple backing off its assertion that the antenna issues plaguing iPhone 4 happen with rival smartphones, too?

Apple’s Web site sure makes it seem that way: gone — at least from immediate view — are the videos Apple posted detailing how other smartphones, such as Droid X, lose signal bars when held a certain way.”

The decision to withdraw these videos come after Research in Motion, Nokia, and other manufactures issued statements denying Apple’s assertions regarding their phone’s antenna designs.

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Dan Ward

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