NY Post: “Apple Slapped with Glitch”

In anticipation of Apple’s press conference to be held at 10 a.m. PST this morning, the New York Post is reporting that Apple will be announcing a fix for the phone’s defective antenna.

A financial analyst directly involved in the phone’s supply chain told The Post that the company will announce a remedy that involves taking the phone apart and inserting a piece of insulating material to protect the antenna.

Until now, Apple has responded to complaints only by advising iPhone users to buy a $30 bumper to cover the integrated antenna.

“This is essentially the functional equivalent of the rubber bumper on the outside, but it’s on the inside,” said Ashok Kumar, a senior technology analyst for the investment firm Rodman Renshaw.

“The supply-chain partners are implementing the mechanical fix to units coming out on [the] manufacturing floor now.”

Kumar learned of the “fix” from contacts in Taiwan, where the iPhone is manufactured.

It was unclear if the repair can be done in stores, or if the phones will have to be sent to the company. Calls and e-mails to Apple were not returned yesterday.

Additionally, Apple has yet to respond to reports it had knowledge of the defective antenna early on in the design stages of the phone.

At least nine lawsuits have been filed against the California-based company, accusing Apple and carrier AT&T of knowingly selling a defective device, breach of implied warranty and other charges.

Dan Ward, who is representing clients in a class-action suit in Maryland, said the revelation that Jobs was warned strengthens his case.

“It supports our theory that Apple and AT&T knew about the design defect well before it was put on the market and deliberately deceived people,” he said.

If you own an iPhone 4, and are interested in participating in our lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, please email me at dan@wardlawdc.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Dan Ward

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