Apple releases iOS 4.0.1, Doesn’t Fix Antenna Defect

Today Apple officially released its promised software update, iOS 4.0.1, which it claims solves a programming glitch affecting the way signal bars are displayed on the phone. Early reports indicate that the update does indeed accomplish this, resulting in a more accurate display of signal strength.

As expected, Apple’s iPhone 4 fix does not solve the antenna reception problems. CNET reports that,

So far the update seems to do exactly what Apple claims, which is to modify how the calculations used to interpret the signal strength (along with a cosmetic alteration to the bar sizes).

Most people still have problems where a “death grip” causes the signal strength to diminish; however, the extent of the reported signal variations is less. Where before the number of bars would drop to zero, now people are reporting one bar showing when they hold their phones in a tight grip.

Essentially, Apple has fixed the problem with the gas gauge, but continues to ignore the hole in the gas tank. Perhaps Apple will announce a new fix at tomorrow’s scheduled press conference, putting an end to ‘antenna-gate.’ But until they do, more frustrated customers may find themselves imitating Whoopi Goldberg and ‘killing their iPhone.’

If you own an iPhone 4, and are interested in participating in our lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dan Ward

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One Response to “Apple releases iOS 4.0.1, Doesn’t Fix Antenna Defect”

  1. mannyaa Says:

    How does today’s Apple free case offer and software update affect the case against Apple, AT&T. Does it strengthen it?

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