Apple Trying to Change the Conversation, Censor Critics

Unwilling to address the widely reported design defect in the iPhone 4, and facing growing criticism for its response, Apple now finds itself trying to change the conversation about the iPhone 4, and in some instances, even censoring those discussing it.

First, Apple has released new ads that highlight one of the phone’s features, video-calling known as FaceTime. “Can one simple, dramatic and very human feature make you forget about antenna problems or even how you hold your phone?” Probably not, since the ads themselves employ the ‘death grip’ Steve Jobs has told consumers to avoid.

More troubling are reports that Apple has taken steps to censor discussion of Consumer Reports’ announcement that it could not recommend the defective iPhone 4. AppleInsider reports, “numerous threads about the news were started on Apple’s official online forums, but were quickly deleted by moderators.” This is not the first time the company has taken such action, as “Apple has been known to delete threads that may be unflattering toward its products from the official online discussion forums.”

How long can Apple and AT&T continue to avoid an honest conversation about the iPhone 4?

If you own an iPhone 4, and are interested in participating in our lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Dan Ward

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