Apple Drops Restocking Fee For iPhone 4

The only thing worse then being sold a defective product is having to pay for the privilege of returning it. A few days after Ward & Ward, PLLC and Charles A. Gilman LLC filed suit against Apple alleging, among other things, deceptive trade practices, fraud, negligence in design and breach of warranty relating to the iPhone 4’s defective antenna, Apple decided to waive the 10% restocking fee it charges customers returning their defective iPhones.

However, in their July 2nd statement denying any design problems with the iPhone 4 antenna and blaming the reception problems on a flawed signal strength indicator, Apple said customers have only 30 days from the time of purchase to receive their refund. That means time is quickly running out for customers who bought their iPhone 4 on or near the June 24th release date to return their defective iPhones. And what about customers who bought their phones at places like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or an AT&T store? Will they be able to return their defective phones free of charge as well? Waiving the re-stocking fee is a good start, but what about the two year AT&T contract customers had to sign? Will that be waived as well? Should consumers be stuck with a two year AT&T contract based on their purchase of a flawed iPhone 4?

If you own an iPhone 4, and are interested in participating in our lawsuit against Apple and AT&T, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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