Apple iPhone4 plagued by reception problems

Apple’s newest and shiniest toy, the iPhone4, was met with rave reviews by the media, and Apple has managed to sell more than 1.7 million iPhone4’s since its June 24th release.

Unfortunately, it appears that the iPhone4 may suffer from a serious design flaw that results in substantial signal attenuation and/or dropped calls if you hold your phone in such a way that interferes with the iPhone4’s antenna(e). Because of the design of the phone, it is virtually impossible to hold the phone (as sold) without touching the antenna(e). There is an excellent video demonstrating this problem HERE.

Apple’s original response (from Steve Jobs himself) was simple — “Just avoid holding it that way”. Apple has since revised this position, and recognized that there may be a problem. has a good overview of Apple’s reaction to this problem HERE.

If you own an iPhone4, and are experiencing these problems, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at, or Daniel Ward directly at

10 Responses to “Apple iPhone4 plagued by reception problems”

  1. Prashant Says:

    I pre-order my IPhone and received on 24 June. I am experiencing issues with the phone

    1. Signal Drop
    2. Phone heats up soon
    3. The metallic body hurts the hand


    I recently purchased my iPhone 4, I even camped out for it, so for it to have this issue is really disappointing and though I am an apple fan to the core I have to say this changes my perception of the company they f’ed this one up. I called Tech Support and all they can suggest is to spend more money and time than I already have getting this device. Apple its not rather or not you mess up its how you deal with your mistakes youre not doing a good job and what if I like the way my phone looks without a case? I should not have to cover it. All the prestige of being one of the first to have the iPhone 4 is negated by this flaw!!!

  3. Charles Says:

    Dear W&W,

    If you manage to get me a $30 bumper for less than $30 in legal fees and/or 2 hours of paperwork and a few months of waiting for it to be mailed to me, please let me know.

    Until then, I hope you make a lot of money off your clients or have fun pusuing this while this economy is so bad.

    My bet is that before you can even settle, the’ll just give away the bumpers to anyone who needs one, or sell them for very little, but GO FOR IT.

  4. farrakh habib Says:

    I’m in the UK and also have the same problem.. despite what Apple say, this is a hardware problem.

  5. Chris Tuter Says:

    I preordered my iphone online and received it on June 24, 2010. I have since experienced an increase in dropped calls and poor, static filled calls. Sometimes it never even rings, it just goes straight to voicemail and I won’t know until later that I even had a call.

    I live in Tulsa, OK, a large metropolitan city with excellent cellular coverage.

    I can hold my phone in a normal position and watch the displayed signal strength bars begin dropping. Sometimes down to nothing. NO BARS!

    When I contacted both Apple and AT&T about the issue, I get the runaround, lame excuses and even told “only hold it between your thumb and forefinger at the top”.

    I am very displeased and unhappy about this phone, its service, and the overall response from the people who are getting my money!

    At my current contract rate, for the two year agreement, I will be paying over $3,600.00 for this phone and it’s ‘service’.

    Please advise what I should do and how I can join any action against Apple\AT&T on this issue.

    Thank you,

    Chris Tuter


    Quality PC

  6. john becker Says:

    I received my new phone this past weekend, July 3 and was shocked to not have constant reception when I standing still in the same place. Calls did not go through, incoming calls not received, calls dropped. I paid $18 to upgrade early to change from my old iphone and am very disappointed. Its not the $18 and a bumper for $30, to fix a design flaw….I don’t think so. I thought I had a bad cell phone until I read the posts from other users. My old iphone worked fine and I never had these problems. I am going back to the apple store where I bought it and see what they have to say. I may ask to refund my money and reactivate my old phone, not sure if they will do it, but there is a big problem with this phone for sure. JB

  7. Bill Wheaton Says:

    Well, I also camped out only to be VERY pissed off now…..I also recieve bad reception and/or dropped calls even when held in my right hand trying to avoid the “dead spot” (I live in Lansing, MI…So it’s not like im already in the sticks with bad reception).

    SOOO, Apple giving away bumbers is NOT A FIX! They obviously a hardware issue/s that A BUMPER WILL NOT FIX…I do like to hold my phone lefty do to being 80% deaf in my right ear! So how do i hold it another way?

    In short, fuck you apple, im returning mine if you don’t recall this thing within my 30day return time….will also be dropping att for continuing to sell defective phones….Shame on Apple, and those who CONTINUE to knowingly sell defective phones.

    I feel better now….

  8. Rosie Prosser Says:

    I always had dropped calls/lost signal with AT&T iphone 3GS. Now I’m experencing more dropped calls with my new iphone4 (purchased on June 29th). On July 14th my phone had a temperture warning signal not to use, the funny thing about that I wasn’t using my iphone. It was sitting on my dresser.

    Apple take care of your CUSTOMERS!

    Rosie P.

  9. GKR Says:

    It is a sad day that Apple released the new iphone4 knowing that it had reception problems. Many of my colleagues can’t even take calls at the university because our phones frequently drop calls. I use to drive from utah to Idaho and use my old iphone without major reception problems. Now I can’t use the phone when I travel because it drops all of my calls longer then 3 to 4 minutes. I have to use my wife’s Spring phone when I drive. Isn’t that sad that my new iPhone works worse then my old iphone. Iphones were never known for their great reception. However, why did Apple come out with the iPhone4 knowing that the reception problem of the older phones was not fixed, and in fact, was worse then before. Unfortunately, this died-in-the-wool apple fan is now looking to by a Droid phone. At the end of the day, I love my apple apps and productivity tool of the iPhone4. But, I need a phone that works. The iPhone4 does not.

  10. chris foster Says:

    my wife owns an iphone 4 and we would like to join the lawsuit. Apple sold her a faulty phone and should pay for selling this with a well known issue. how does a phone pass testing with such an outrageous problem that a four year old could of noticed! please let us know how we can join the lawsuit!

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