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Wireless Expert reports that iPhone 4 design is inherently flawed

June 30, 2010

Gizmodo reports that Richard Gaywood, a PhD in wireless network planning, has conducted extensive tests on the iPhone4, iPhone 3Gs, and HTC Nexus One.

Conclusion? The iPhone 4 is inherently flawed.

Solution? “At the bare minimum Apple should give away its bumper case with every iPhone 4 sold. The best scenario is for Apple to coat the antenna and replace all existing phones with a revised model.The ideal situation is very costly for Apple but it is the right thing to do. Plus it’s not like Apple doesn’t have the resources to take care of its customers.”

See Gizmodo for the full story.

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Apple’s Internal Troubleshooting procedures re: iPhone 4 implicitly recognize the problem is in the metal band

June 29, 2010

Boy Genius Report has obtained the procedures/talking points Apple is providing to its AppleCare Reps for dealing with complaints about the iPhone 4’s antenna.

Most telling is the following:

“If a customer calls about their reception while the phone is sitting on a table (not being held) it is not the metal band”

Also telling is the glaring absence of any proposed software solution, which was widely gossiped about over the weekend. While the message has been refined a bit, it looks like Apple is sticking with Steve Jobs’ original message — just don’t hold it that way.

The iPhone 4’s antenna issues are not going away. They are the result of a inherent design flaw that was known to Apple well before they took your $199 or $299. This is the very definition of a false and deceptive trade practice.

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Apple iPhone4 plagued by reception problems

June 29, 2010

Apple’s newest and shiniest toy, the iPhone4, was met with rave reviews by the media, and Apple has managed to sell more than 1.7 million iPhone4’s since its June 24th release.

Unfortunately, it appears that the iPhone4 may suffer from a serious design flaw that results in substantial signal attenuation and/or dropped calls if you hold your phone in such a way that interferes with the iPhone4’s antenna(e). Because of the design of the phone, it is virtually impossible to hold the phone (as sold) without touching the antenna(e). There is an excellent video demonstrating this problem HERE.

Apple’s original response (from Steve Jobs himself) was simple — “Just avoid holding it that way”. Apple has since revised this position, and recognized that there may be a problem. has a good overview of Apple’s reaction to this problem HERE.

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W&W Client Frank Richards featured in WaPo Story

June 29, 2010

W&W’s lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency on behalf of Franklin “Frank” Richards was the subject of a recent Washington Post article by Joe Davidson. Read the article here.

Frank was a decorated member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division and was sent to “a Middle Eastern Country” to provide firearms training to a number of individuals. Frank contracted lead poisoning while conducting that training, because he was ordered by his superiors to provide the training in a unsuitable range that was heavily contaminated with lead dust — this despite the fact that there were many safer, and healthier alternatives.

As a result of the permanent and irreversible injuries suffered by Frank, he was medically retired by the CIA, and is now unemployable.